Converted Paper Products

Dunnage Newsprint

Typically used for void fill or product protection. Moving and storage, manufacturing and packaging companies utilize this versatile, low cost and earth friendly product.

Available in rolls or sheets.


Counter Rolls

Kraft Paper is a standard in manufacturing and packaging for void fill and product protection. More durable than Dunnage Newsprint with better strength and memory properties.

Available in various widths and paper weights.

Kraft Rolls_transparent

Masking Paper

Designed for the painting industry to protect surfaces from overspray. Use during building construction or for automotive painting and benefit from the versatility of Masking Paper.


Slip Sheets

The most cost-effective solution to protect pallet loads. Used for pallet protection, anti-slip, tier separation or product protection in multiple industries.


Floor Paper

Used to protect floor surfaces from paint, construction projects, hanging drywall, fiberglass manufacturing and more.


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Towel and Tissue Products


Using high-quality, premium fibers we offer a variety of paper towel options to fit both universal and proprietary dispensers.

  • Single and Multi-fold
  • Hard Wound Rolls
  • White or Kraft Paper
Oregon Paper Products_5x7

Tissue Paper

Our very own line of tissue paper features superb strength from the highest-grade materials. Choose from a wide range of products:

  • Small core
  • Coreless
  • Wrapped
  • Jumbo, and more....
OP Tissue_Cotton Soft

For our Towel and Tissue Product List Click Here

Building Construction Products

Spartan Floor Guard (38"x100ft)

A reliable temporary surface guard from stains, spills and scratches during construction. Spartan Floor Guard protects against water paint, mud and more!

  • 100% Recycled
  • Heavy Duty Board
  • Stain and Water Resistant
38" x 100ft 40pt Rolls

Spartan Concrete Blanket

Woven Polyethylene with a layer of foam provides excellent insulation for winter protection, concrete curing and ground thaw conditions.

  • 6' x 25'
  • 12' x 25'

Available in Orange, Black or White

Concrete Blanket_transparent

Spartan Seam Tape (3"x60yd)

A perfect complement to Floor Guard. Spartan Flatback Seam Tape is designed to seal floor seams, repair holes and tears during building construction.



Seam Tape_cutout

All Purpose Rosin Paper

A sustainable and economical solution to protect almost any surface. Can also be used as protective packaging for cushioning or wrapping.

Available in various widths and paper weights.


Drywall Shims

Correct framing problems with these versatile cardboard strips to create the perfect interior walls.

Drywall Shims

Sill Seam Foam Gasket

This closed-cell polyethylene foam compresses to seal gaps in irregular surfaces, around windows and doors, under wall plates and between cap floor joists.

Available in 3-1/2”, 5-1/2” and 7-1/2” widths.


Distribution Supplies

Singleface Corrugated Rolls

These versatile and economical rolls can be used for inner packaging, surface protection and more.

Commonly used for furniture protection, fulfillment and construction.

Available in multiple widths from 6" to 72".


Northwest Tapes

Choose from a variety of Tapes for carton sealing, surface protection for painting projects and more!

  • Clear Acrylic Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Seam Tape

For a list of Northwest Tapes click here.


Northwest Bubble Rolls

Protect products from damage with large (1/2") or small (3/16") bubble rolls.

Available in various widths.


Cornstarch Peanuts

These 100% biodegradable loose fill peanuts are made from vegetable starch and packaged in 12 cubic foot, biodegradable bags.